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July 31, 2022:  We’ll tell you about a one-of-kind celebration for National Acadian Day coming up in mid-August.  There is plenty of work to go around in Nova Scotia, but some companies aren’t getting enough qualified people signing up. A young book reviewer is back on the show with Paul MacDougall on the Good Sentence.  And we’ll have an interview about the latest information from the Celtic Colours news desk.

July 24, 2022:  We’ll hear from the new General Manager of the Cape Breton Eagles about his plans to help rebuild the team, he’ll also tell us  about his time in the NHL and what it was like to play on the Kings with “The Great One.”  We’ll air a Mass Casualty Commission special report on the ‘Good Sentence’ with Paul MacDougall.  And Bill Bradley has a segment  about a camp in Cape Breton where no one has to feel out of place.

July 17, 2022:A conversation about schizophrenia and the stigma attached to it, but our guest tells us, there is Hope For Mental Health…Our news intern catches up with a Cape Breton MP who’s representing Canada down in Washington.  Stay tuned to hear about the upcoming Celtic Colours Festival and the return of live audiences…And we go into the archives as a local musician tips his cap to our veterans.

July 10, 2022: A special feature on the Good Sentence, Paul MacDougall speaks with one of the youngest book reviewers you’ll ever hear of, then he turns the page and chats with a popular writer from the young adult mystery section of your favourite book store.  Make sure you stay tuned to hear about a celebration in Sydney Mines and a tribute to a town legend   … and save your appetite for a landmark event in Sydney that was taken off the menu because of COVID.


July 3, 2022: The Good Sentence features another special report on the Mass Casualty Commission with Paul MacDougall.  A Cape Breton Member of Parliament and his colleagues are on a summer recess but the Sydney Victoria MP says there’s no rest for the weary. Also, keep your Sunday afternoons free and take a road-trip to Ross Ferry where there’s more than just a market, it’s an experience.

June 26, 2022:  The first day of summer shared the spot-light with National Indigenous People’s Day, we’ll be talking with a Membertou community leader on this special occasion. The Apprenticeship Agency gets us up to speed on the province’s skilled trades shortage. You’ll learn that there’s always room for one more survivor on one of the toughest dragon-boat teams around.
And speaking of summer, some tips on to have a great vacation on a tight budget.

June 19, 2022:
A tribute to Alexander Graham Bell. Also,  we’ll hear from the mayor on the return of the Cruise Ships. Later in the show,  we’ll talk about a popular music festival coming up on PEI and you’ll also get you up to date on Ribfest and the Heartland Tour. 

June 12, 2022: We’ll have another report for the Mass Casualty Commission on the Good Sentence with Paul MacDougall.  A Cape Breton musician salutes our veterans with a special project recognizing D-Day of the Second
World War.  And a Cape Breton MP talks about the high cost of living and the government’s efforts to help people weather the storm.

June 5, 2022: 
We’ll hear from a local food bank volunteer about the high demand for their services as the price of food skyrockets…We’ll have a special report on the Mass Casualty Commission with Paul MacDougall on the Good Sentence.  And The Miners Museum Executive Director talks about Davis Day and what it means for miners all over the world.

May 29, 2022:  A Membertou community leader reacts to regional council’s decision to repeal a proclamation dating back to the 1700s.   We’ll hear from the only candidate in the running for the leadership of the Nova Scotia NDP.  A special feathered friend is celebrating a big birthday. And fiddler, up- and-coming comedian and former premier Rodney MacDonald is on the show.

May 22, 2022: Things are getting back to normal for people looking for a hot meal and a good conversation at a downtown Sydney landmark. We’ll chat with a local musician who spends a lot of time on the road but his heart’s always in Cape Breton.  Also, you’ll hear about a volunteer society in Glace Bay, a new ball field on Mira Road, everything you need to know about Heavy Garbage pickup and Paul MacDougall stops by for the Good Sentence.

May 15, 2022: A Caper comes home from Ontario’s corporate world, now making a name for herself as a musician…A popular Cape Breton publisher catches up with on the Good Sentence with Paul MacDougall….And we’ll have a conversation about a group of barbershoppers, striking a chord in Cape Breton since the early 70s.

May 8, 2022:  A new arts festival is coming to the island featuring some of the biggest names on the Cape Breton music scene.  Also, we’ll hear about a toast to Cape Breton’s  First Lady of Song.  And the Cape Breton Canso MP discusses whether or not the symbolism of the Canadian Flag has
changed since the Ottawa protests.


May 1, 2022: We’ll talk about a new hall of fame recognizing some of the island’s greatest talent. A group  from the mainland wants to help islanders who are suffering from PTSD.  A finance expert stops in to help us deal with soaring inflation and rising interest rates…Some local news on Kraft Hockeyville 2022 and if you don’t know what a ‘pump track’ is, you should hear our conversation with singer-song-writer Keith Mullins. 

April 24, 2022: A trail blazing fi re-fighter shares some nail-biting stories as the alarm sounds on the northern part of the island … Also a young Miꞌkmaq man is making his mark on the music scene even though just few years ago, he was planning to work in the hospitality industry.  And it seems more Cape Bretoners went to visit the family-tree thanks to all the pandemic down time.

April 17, 2022: As April marks ‘Vimy Ridge day, we’ll hear about Cape Breton’s contribution during this significant campaign of the First Word War. And a Membertou Community Leader celebrates the recent announcement that Mi’Kmaq will be known as the province’s first language.

April 10, 2022: The province has introduced legislation recognizing Mi’kmaw as Nova Scotia’s first language, we’ll hear from the cabinet minister responsible Karla MacFarlane. We’ll also talk to a local editor about his new magazine in Cape Breton, it’s called ‘Magine .  And a look back on The Good Sentence with a conversation about shrinking cities.

April 3, 2022: This week, we’ll hear from the coach of the CBU men’s soccer team, praising Team Canada after they qualified for the World Cup. A talented duo of sisters is excited to tell us about the release of their debut EP later this month. And “Everyone Gets To Play – high school school students are submitting their art to the Hawks Dream Field Society for a special competition.

MARCH 27, 2022: We’ll chat with Matt Minglewood and one of his fans, who also happens to be a pretty good singer -songwriter.  Mayor Amanda MacDougall weighs in on a number of topics including the municipality’s upcoming budget deliberations.  And the Cape Breton Victoria MP talks about Canada’s latest efforts to help Ukraine.

MARCH 20, 2022:  Save your appetite, especially if you like ribs because one of the island’s favourite festivals could be coming back…We’ll hear about efforts to help people struggling with addictions in Cape Breton … And a Cape Breton Member of Parliament is banned from Russia, but he’s not complaining.

MARCH 13, 2022: A Cape Breton couple is raising money to help friends and family survive the invasion of Ukraine. The new CEO of the Chamber of Commerce talks about her vision of helping the business community move forward. And we’ll hear from the writer of Dear Rita: a production celebrating the life of the island’s first lady of song.

March 6, 2022: On this week’s show: A former TV producer tells us  about his connection to Ukraine while commending the global protest of Russia’s invasion.  A Baddeck pharmacist and author offers us a prescription for having a better quality of  life. And a young man talks about a Canada-wide road trip that includes a near death experience in the Rocky Mountains.

February 27, 2022: On this week’s show: 
This week on Dialogue, Deputy Premier Allan MacMaster is back on the show to talk about health care and other topics. We’ll hear from former Nova Scotia cabinet minister Zach Churchill after he officially entered the race for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party. And guess what?  We have a new show coming to the Coast. Tune in to hear all about it.

February 21, 2022: On this week’s show: This week on Dialogue, on the Coast 89.7: We’ll get some advice on how to manage our money as prices soar during the pandemic.  Cape Breton’s rolling out the welcome mat for Nova Scotia Music week on its silver anniversary. And we’ll hear about the Sons of Membertou, as they garner more praise right here in Cape Breton and around the world.

February 14, 2022: On this week’s show: We celebrate the life of Cape Bretoner Wanda Robson. The educator, author, and youngest sister of civil rights icon Viola Desmond recently passed away at the age of 95.  It was this time last year during Black History Month when Robson spoke
on Dialogue about her sister, we’re bringing back part of that interview and we’ll also hear from some of the people who admired her.

February 6, 2022: On this week’s show: A former mayor of Sydney looks back nearly 4 decades when Cape Breton welcomed athletes from all over the country for the Jeux Canada Games … We’re raising awareness of White Cane Week for the Canadian Council of the Blind … And we’ll hear from Matt Minglewood in celebration of his 75th birthday.

January 30 , 2022: On this week’s show: 
A popular New Waterford basketball tournament is sidelined again because of COVID-19, but one its long-time organizers talks about the storied history of the Coal Bowl Classic and what we can expect in the future … Also, a local history buff shares what he knows about a possible connection with the Mira and one of the most feared captains of the Golden Age of Piracy.


January 23 , 2022: On this week’s show:We’ll hear about the history of Crime Stoppers and what you can do to help keep your community safe…A conversation on how the Miner’s Museum is dealing with the pandemic…Also, a veteran broadcaster from Cape Breton shares some industry secrets with our listeners … And we’ll talk about a program that’s keeping the lines of communication open for visually impaired

January 16 , 2022: On this week’s show:
We’ll hear from the Sydney-Victoria MP about his historical swearing in ceremony for the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations.  A CBU political scientist takes a look south of the border and gets us up to speed on US politics. And we’ll talk to another type of scientist who used the tar ponds as a springboard in eventually becoming an esteemed chemist.

 January 9 , 2022: On this week’s show: It’s a change of guard for the East Coast Music Association, we’ll be chatting with the new chairperson Debbie Mullins … Also, the deputy premier dials in to talk about the government’s direction for 2022. And we’ll hear about a man originally from Sydney who teamed up with some Rock n Holl hall of famers, college track stars and a highly decorated war veteran (oringinally aired April 25, 2021.)


















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