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Dialogue September 10:  We’ll hear form one of Bruce Guthro’s friends and co-workers, who was there at the very beginning while the Cape Breton star was rising. An Eskasoni couple puts an authentic touch on a TV show in Newfoundland about the Viking’s arrival 1000 years ago. Johnny Reid dials in from down south to talk about a Tuneful Tribute to his grandmother. And we’ll hear about a program coming to Cape Breton that gives a safe place to people impacted by the unimaginable.


Dialogue August 28: Regional council is asking the police commission to deal with street racing, stunting and excessive noise — especially late at night.  If you have some uninvited guests in and around your property, stayed tuned for a conversation on the best way to deal with rats.  And we start out with Bill Bradley and his guest to tell you about the 10th Annual Acoustic Roots Festival at Two Rivers Wildlife Park starting Sept First.

Dialogue August 20: This week On the Good Sentence, we’ll hear from an up and coming writer from Sydney Mines. Also, a broadcaster who spent more time behind the mic than anyone. Later, A Cape Bretoner talks about heading to the T-dot to pursue an acting career. We’ll hear about a new newspaper called the Third. But first, Bill Bradley has good information about a dreaded time of year for some people.

Dialogue August 13: We have a special feature about an Eskasoni woman’s recent historical accomplishment. On the Good Sentence, we’ll talk to a Glace Bay man about a new book on his global travels. A local group of volunteers is looking for more help. Also, some expert advice for families preparing back-to-school budgets. Up first, it’s Lynn McCarron of the United way explaining to City Hall why public transit needs a revamp.

Dialogue August: 6 An encore presentation featuring a couple of re-runs. One of them tells us about a Cape Breton connection to the “Buddy Cop” movie genre. Up first though on the Good Sentence, Paul talks to James Hibbard, former member of the US competitive cycling team and recent author of The Art of Cycling. A book that blends bicycle  riding with James‘s interest in Western Philosophy and his views on modern life, especially in the Silicon Valley, California.

Dialogue July 30: A conversation about a Cape Bretoner who worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Meanwhile, another Caper talks about his musical journey and what it means to him to hear his music on the radio. And Baddeck and Washington are teaming up to promote the work of one of the island’s most famous late residents.


Dialogue July 23: We’ll hear from a priest and former Highland Games world champ who had an odd encounter with Robin Williams after the hammer throw in Scotland.  City Hall got an earful from residents who are worried about more problems with garbage, parking and crowded boarding houses because of a new municipal plan. And we’ll take a look back on a catastrophic Second World War event, and why it’s being remembered in Cape Breton after nearly 80 years. 

Dialogue July 16: We have an update on the cold case of a missing Cape Breton man who vanished without a trace more than 30 years ago. On the Good Sentence, Paul talks to an author who grew up on a small island not far from here known as the Graveyard of the Gulf. And some of the best known names on the local music scene are heading to  Big Pond for a big festival.




Dialogue June 25: We have a report on the troubled life of a man originally from Whitney Pier who spent years behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit. City Hall is hoping cooler heads prevail after a disconnect between the fire chief and elected officials. The police chief is dismissing concerns that the public is at risk because of low staffing levels. And we’ll also tell you about a some local golfers who made the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dialogue June 18: A cameo from one of the island’s most famous musicians during a segment about a local association’s golden anniversary. Can Cape Breton be a global leader in wind energy? Some officials here think so,  especially after a recent visit to Europe.  And we’ll turn the page on the Good Sentence with Paul MacDougall as he chats with a writer and teacher on the mainland. 

Dialogue June 11: We’ll tell you about two books with Cape Breton roots, one raises flags about health care, the other is a tribute to one of the island’s most famous mascots. Also, we’ll have some financial advice on how to save money during harsh economic times. And a look back
in Englishtown where a gentle giant left his mark on audiences here and around the world. 

Dialogue June 4: On the Good Sentence, Paul MacDougal talks to James Hibbard, former member of the US competitive cycling team and recent author of The Art of Cycling. A book that blends bicycle  riding with James‘s interest in Western Philosophy and his views on modern life, especially in the Silicon Valley, California.  Also this week, a special tribute to the Men of the Deeps and Cape Breton miners.

Dialogue May 28: An East Bay Actor remembers his roots while receiving an award in Toronto. Jeopardy Champion Mattea Roach wraps up another stunning performance on Jeopardy. A long time community is launching a book early next month. We have an encore, speaking to a Donkin Mine protester after a rally in Port Morien earlier this month. And the Irish Descendants are coming to Cape Breton for a big show in Dominion.

Dialogue May 21: A few talented Caper Bretoners return to the island after some major accomplishments on the national stage. Stay tuned for a big announcement from CB Mic. A Glace Bay man joins Paul MacDougall on the Good Sentence after documenting his multi-country journey across the Atlantic and we’ll hear about the United Way’s spin on public transit in the regional municipality.

Dialogue May 14: A CBU professor is sharing some alarming statistics about homelessness in the community. Also on the show this week … “The man who channels the energy of the King of Rock n Roll.” And a new Caper, instrumental behind the curtain of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York joins us for a conversation.

Dialogue May 7: Save your appetite, the countdown’s on for Ribfest 2023. She’s been singing folk music since the 60s and started writing her own music while working with Rita MacNeil’s band in the 80s, and now Joella Foulds has her own special project.  And on the Good Sentence we’ll hear from a protester concerned about safety at the Donkin Mine.

Dialogue April 30: We’ll hear how Easy Bay has been quite the tourism hot-spot for wildlife. Also, Bill Bradley will tell you about a fundraiser that’ll make you want to out your dancing shoes on. And tourism operators are rolling out the welcome mat for visitor as they continue to bounce back from the pandemic.

Dialogue April 23:  With a spike in the rodent population, we’ll hear about the facts and myths in dealing with unwanted guests in your home and on your property. First Nations people and Acadians have a special relationship here in Cape Breton – a local historian will tell us about this bond dating back hundreds of years. And organizers of the Lamplight gala in mid-May are staying tight-lipped on who’ll be performing, but guarantee they’re among the elite in the Cape Breton Music scene.

Dialogue April 16: If you have a problem with rats in and around your property, you’re not alone. The regional municipality wants to help get rid of them for you. The Liberal leader dials in from the other end of Nova Scotia to get you up to speed on the opposition’s point of view. If you’re a big Queen fan, but never saw their show, we’ll tell you about the next best thing. Also, a conversation about Earth Day.


Dialogue April 9: We’ll hear from Mattea Roach, Jeopardy Champ with ties to Cape Breton, on her podcast “The Backbench” discussing the high cost of groceries.  The Cape Breton MP’s join a federal cabinet minister for a news conference at CBU talking about Ottawa’s latest financial blueprint.  Also, we’ll have a conversation about a fundraiser coming up for the Undercurrents Youth Centre. And a warning about illicit drug use in Sydney from the Alley Centre.

Dialogue April 2: We’ll hear a conversation about Nova Scotia’s financial future according to a Cape Breton Liberal MLA.  And on the Good Sentence, we’ll find out how a local writer was inspired to create a fictional Cape Breton village through his collections of short stories.

Dialogue March 26:  Glace Bay twins give a surprise performance on a Canadian talent show. We’ll get the nuts and bold on the provincial budget and reaction from the opposition. On the Good Sentence, an up and coming writer from Sydney Mines, and we’ll talk to a radio legend, whose been on the air longer than anyone to ever sit behind the microphone.

Dialogue March 19 : We’ll have a conversation about the golden anniversary of a popular Cape Breton music group. We’ll have some financial advice to help you from cleaning out your bank account during your Spring cleaning. You’ll hear some familiar voices talking about a major fundraiser for the Coast as well as the next edition of Ribfest.  And the province’s Liberal leader dials in to talk about his wish list for the Spring sitting of the Legislature.

Dialogue March 12 :A Smithsonian curator tells us how Washington and Baddeck are connecting to bring the voice of the telephone inventor to life. Speaking of Baddeck … an invitation for you to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day not far from the historic Bell estate. 
A Glace Bay community leader is turning the page after establishing the Lighthouse Church nearly 20 years ago. And we’ll take a look back on the career of a Cape Breton musician known coast to coast for his multi-genre talents.

Dialogue March 5: We’ll talk to a minor hockey ref who’s getting fed up with rowdy spectators, and she’ll explain the unrest of once being followed off the ice by angry fans. A heads-up, they’ll soon be here from Mexico, flying their colours, warning their enemies to stay away. In the Dead of Winter, a paranormal investigator shares stories about some of Sydney’s oldest buildings. Also, a conversation about young athletes going above the call of duty. And they’re rolling out the red carpet for a hall of fame event featuring some of the island’s best performers.

Dialogue February 26: This week on Dialogue on the Coast 89.7: We’ll take a walk down memory lane with a Cape Breton woman who recently celebrated her 108th birthday.  Also, we’ll chat with a proud Cape Breton mom about her Grammy award winning son and his Juno nomination. Still on the music scene, tune in to find out how to get tickets as the Cape Breton Corale prepares a special homecoming for a Glace Bay native. And our newsroom has a conversation with the provincial NDP leader ahead of the spring sitting of the Legislature.

Dialogue February 19: The Undercurrent Youth Centre is branching out to better connect with tomorrow’s leaders. It’s been here over a century and it’s much more than a place to pump iron and go for a dip. We’ll talk to an author who grew up on a place not far from here known as the Graveyard of the Gulf.  And from the provincial capital…you’ll get up to speed on auto insurance and population growth.

Dialogue February 12: A local cardiologist speaks from the heart to tell us how to take better care of ourselves.  If you need a hockey fix, don’t worry, the “Vincey” is coming up. We’ll hear some eerie stories about a former TB hospital, and abandoned mill, and a Sydney mayor who went to prison for murder. And up first, a Sydney River man tells us about being in Turkey during the recent deadly earthquake.

Dialogue February 5, 2022: Two former NHLers in Cape Breton talk about the Golden Jet who recently passed away at the age of 84. A long time nurse and administrator talks to Paul MacDougall on the Good Sentence about her new book ‘Dying to be Seen’, and a Glace Bay artist is on the show to talk about her new single and upcoming album release.

Dialogue January 29, 2022:  Civic officials say they’re having a hard time getting information from some volunteer fire departments in the regional municipality. The province’s Liberal Leader has a chat with our newsroom as Zach Churchill makes another visit to the regional municipality. And with interest rates at a 15 year high, inflation still running hot and a recession looming, people are growing more concerned about their financial well-being.


Dialogue January 15, 2022:  A Cape Breton woman is speaking out about the death of her mother-in-law after a lengthy wait at the Regional Hospital in Sydney. One of our Cape Breton MPs talks about last year’s headlines and what needs to done for a productive 2023. And we catch up with a Canadian Country Music Star to talk about her new song ‘Thank You Music.’

Dialogue January 8, 2022:  We’ll hear from a Cape Bretoner who crossed the Atlantic as head coach of Team Austria at the World Junior Championships.  Meanwhile, another Cape Bretoner crossed the ocean, but in the opposite direction, to recruit some much needed professionals in Africa. And the Sydney Mines Food Bank is expecting a tough winter as they worry about some families struggling with the price of food.


Dialogue January 1, 2022:  We’ll hear about a reporting suggesting food banks will continue to struggle throughout 2023. It’s the 40 anniversary of ‘’flag day’’ and the internet as we know it – we’ll hear about important milestones for the net in Cape Breton thanks to CBU’s predecessor UCCB.
And the story of Cape Breton’s connection to a mysterious island that could be home to one of the greatest treasures of all time.































































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