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Dialogue March 19 :We’ll have a conversation about the golden anniversary of a popular Cape Breton music group. We’ll have some financial advice to help you from cleaning out your bank account during your Spring cleaning. You’ll hear some familiar voices talking about a major fundraiser for the Coast as well as the next edition of Ribfest.  And the province’s Liberal leader dials in to talk about his wish list for the Spring sitting of the Legislature.

Dialogue March 12 :A Smithsonian curator tells us how Washington and Baddeck are connecting to bring the voice of the telephone inventor to life. Speaking of Baddeck … an invitation for you to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day not far from the historic Bell estate. 
A Glace Bay community leader is turning the page after establishing the Lighthouse Church nearly 20 years ago. And we’ll take a look back on the career of a Cape Breton musician known coast to coast for his multi-genre talents.

Dialogue March 5: We’ll talk to a minor hockey ref who’s getting fed up with rowdy spectators, and she’ll explain the unrest of once being followed off the ice by angry fans. A heads-up, they’ll soon be here from Mexico, flying their colours, warning their enemies to stay away. In the Dead of Winter, a paranormal investigator shares stories about some of Sydney’s oldest buildings. Also, a conversation about young athletes going above the call of duty. And they’re rolling out the red carpet for a hall of fame event featuring some of the island’s best performers.

Dialogue February 26: This week on Dialogue on the Coast 89.7: We’ll take a walk down memory lane with a Cape Breton woman who recently celebrated her 108th birthday.  Also, we’ll chat with a proud Cape Breton mom about her Grammy award winning son and his Juno nomination. Still on the music scene, tune in to find out how to get tickets as the Cape Breton Corale prepares a special homecoming for a Glace Bay native. And our newsroom has a conversation with the provincial NDP leader ahead of the spring sitting of the Legislature.

Dialogue February 19: The Undercurrent Youth Centre is branching out to better connect with tomorrow’s leaders. It’s been here over a century and it’s much more than a place to pump iron and go for a dip. We’ll talk to an author who grew up on a place not far from here known as the Graveyard of the Gulf.  And from the provincial capital…you’ll get up to speed on auto insurance and population growth.

Dialogue February 12: A local cardiologist speaks from the heart to tell us how to take better care of ourselves.  If you need a hockey fix, don’t worry, the “Vincey” is coming up. We’ll hear some eerie stories about a former TB hospital, and abandoned mill, and a Sydney mayor who went to prison for murder. And up first, a Sydney River man tells us about being in Turkey during the recent deadly earthquake.

Dialogue February 5, 2022: Two former NHLers in Cape Breton talk about the Golden Jet who recently passed away at the age of 84. A long time nurse and administrator talks to Paul MacDougall on the Good Sentence about her new book ‘Dying to be Seen’, and a Glace Bay artist is on the show to talk about her new single and upcoming album release.

Dialogue January 29, 2022:  Civic officials say they’re having a hard time getting information from some volunteer fire departments in the regional municipality. The province’s Liberal Leader has a chat with our newsroom as Zach Churchill makes another visit to the regional municipality. And with interest rates at a 15 year high, inflation still running hot and a recession looming, people are growing more concerned about their financial well-being.


Dialogue January 15, 2022:  A Cape Breton woman is speaking out about the death of her mother-in-law after a lengthy wait at the Regional Hospital in Sydney. One of our Cape Breton MPs talks about last year’s headlines and what needs to done for a productive 2023. And we catch up with a Canadian Country Music Star to talk about her new song ‘Thank You Music.’

Dialogue January 8, 2022:  We’ll hear from a Cape Bretoner who crossed the Atlantic as head coach of Team Austria at the World Junior Championships.  Meanwhile, another Cape Bretoner crossed the ocean, but in the opposite direction, to recruit some much needed professionals in Africa. And the Sydney Mines Food Bank is expecting a tough winter as they worry about some families struggling with the price of food.


Dialogue January 1, 2022:  We’ll hear about a reporting suggesting food banks will continue to struggle throughout 2023. It’s the 40 anniversary of ‘’flag day’’ and the internet as we know it – we’ll hear about important milestones for the net in Cape Breton thanks to CBU’s predecessor UCCB.
And the story of Cape Breton’s connection to a mysterious island that could be home to one of the greatest treasures of all time.


Dialogue December 25, 2022: We’ll hear from some local politicians speaking to some of the headlines over the past year, and what they have on the agenda for 2023.

Dialogue December 18, 2022: This week on Dialogue on the Coast 89.7: A holiday special…We’ll hear from some of Cape Breton’s best known storytellers to help  put you in the Christmas spirit. Paul MacDougall from the Good Sentence was at the library in downtown Sydney, and after hearing Ken Chisholm read story with a chilling twist, he asked Ken do it again for our listeners on Dialogue. Then, Paul will wrap up the show with a reading of his own. But up first Ron Caplan of Breton Books has been collecting Christmas stories for a number of years.  The  series is the gift that keeps on giving. Ronald explains what that means, and then he will read from the latest volume of the collection — Cape Breton’s Christmas Book 9.


Dialogue December 11, 2022: We’ll hear a discussion with reporters and a cabinet minister on the province’s plan to make home oil burning furnaces a thing of the past. A Cape Breton artist talks about his friend who recently passed away after making a huge impact on the local music scene. We’ll hear new theories of what may have happened to a young Cape Breton man who disappeared without a trace 30 years ago.  And not everyone can look forward to belly-filling meals over the holidays, but there are volunteers on the northside looking to change that. 

Dialogue December 4, 2022: A  Christmas Wishlist of some of your favourite events in Cape Breton this time of year, you’ll hear about the Two Rivers Wildlife Park Winter Light Up Trail, an intimate Christmas concert featuring some of the best known local musicians and Santa Clause is coming to Whitney Pier.  Also on the show this week, some financial advice on how to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank. And the province’s Liberal Leader stopped by the Coast newsroom during his recent visit to the island.

Dialogue November 26, 2022: Work is underway for a fundraiser where someone smashed a record breaking home run in Dominion to some unsuspecting fishermen. The Every Woman’s Centre and the Glace Bay Food Bank are reaching out for your help during the festive season. Speaking of the holidays, an award winning musician is getting ready to take the stage at one of Sydney’s finest venues.  And Eskasoni is rolling out the welcome mat for a filmmaker who was inspired by one of the most controversial moments in the history of the Oscars.

Dialogue November 20, 2022: We’ll take a walk down memory lane in Whitney Pier on the Good Sentence with Paul MacDougall. A Cape Breton MP is being recognized for his efforts to help improve health care. A weather guru chimes in to talk about some of the highlights on the Doppler radar so far this year.  And we’re ringing in the Christmas season with bulletins on the Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign and Christmas Daddies.


Dialogue November 13, 2022: A Cape Breton Comedian says not only do we have some of the best musicians in the business,  but we also punch above our weight with so funny people on the island. Jim Carey and Margaret Atwood are just like our local MP’s when it comes to getting snubbed by Russia. We’ll hear how you can help Loaves and Fishes in their mission to make sure EVERYONE has a merry Christmas. And a former Cape Breton Oiler fan-favourite is dropping the gloves these days for the Boston Bruins. 

Dialogue November 6, 2022:A Legion president and former Cape Breton Highlander salute the men and women  who put lives on the line for more than 100 years in the name of freedom. A popular book since the 1800s, we’ll hear about a Jane Austen classic re-told by one of the island’s best playwrights. And as homeowners continue their post Fiona cleanup, we’ll learn how forests around the province have been affected by the powerful post tropical storm.

Dialogue October 30, 2022: The Port of Sydney CEO tells us Fiona wreaked havoc on their schedule but there’s already about 100 ships ready to come here next year. Times are tough for a lot of people out there, especially for the youngsters who are literally using water to fill their cereal bowls, but  a local group is trying to put an end to that. We have a documentary focused on the scientists & researchers in and outside Ukraine  who have been disrupted by the Russian invasion. And a Cape Breton musician says ‘him and the boys’ are looking forward to plugging in at the Savoy for the first time since the late 70s.

Dialogue October 23, 2022: We’ll hear an interview from our newsroom on a number of housing projects spearheaded by New Dawn. On the Good Sentence, Paul MacDougall tells us a ghost story for Hallowe’en as well as a famous poem written by Edgar Allen Poe in the mid 1800s. And still with the Hallowe’en theme, stay tuned to hear about a haunted barn on the northside.

Dialogue October 16, 2022: A fire chief from northern Cape Breton dials in to tells us about the community’s resilience in dealing with Fiona. On the Good Sentence, we’ll hear about the efforts underway to recognize some of the finest student-athletes who made their mark at CBU.  And with Hallowe’en just around the corner, you’ll hear about a few community events coming up before the trick-or-treaters show up at your door.

Dialogue October 9, 2022: The Celtic Coulours International festival kicked off on Friday, we have some footage from the grand opening at Centre 200…You’ll hear about a new survey that says there are too many elderly people who can’t afford to retire and too many young people who haven’t started saving yet.  And it’s one of the few times when even Habs and Bruins fans have common goals – coming up later this month in Sydney, it’s Hockey Night for Hospice.

Dialogue October 2, 2022: Homeowners dealing with damage from the hurricane are getting advice from the Insurance Bureau of  Canada. A local Member of Parliament tells us about the Prime Minister’s Cape Breton visit in the wake of Fiona.  Our newsroom has a conversation with the province’s Liberal leader who was on the island accessing the damage. The Glace Bay Food Bank rises above the chaos, thanks to the volunteers working tirelessly after the storm. We’ll hear about the generosity involved in a free bar-b-que that fed over a thousand people in Sydney’s North End. And on the program this week, the Coast recognizes National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Dialogue September 25 2022: A local political scientist explains why the civil unrest between Republicans and Democrats is brewing and it could end up like an unstable couple headed for a nasty divorce. A Cape Breton group hits a high note celebrating a golden anniversary with some of the best singers in the business. The Glace Bay Food Bank is getting ready for its annual telethon, and they need your help now more than ever because of skyrocketing prices at the grocery stores.

Dialogue September 18 2022:  The Men of the Deeps are back on the road wowing audiences all the way from Cape Breton to Ontario promoting a new album.  A tip-of-the cap to the boys and girls of summer with a story about Cape Breton’s connection to the great “Bambino”.  And one of our very own at the Coast is giving back to the community for receiving a life-saving gift from a youngster who made  headlines across Canada after being bullied by her peers.

Dialogue September 11 2022:  We’ll have a special report on the Mass Casualty Commission with Paul MacDougall on the Good Sentence.  You’ll get all the information you need to know as Cape Breton communities welcome back the Terry Fox Run in person. And Mayor Amanda MacDougall tells the story of being part of an honour guard for the qQueen when she was a Girl Guide in the mid-90s. 

September 4, 2022:You’ll hear about a chilling cold case dating back more than 50 years when three young Cape Bretoners crossed the border in Maine but never made it back alive.  We’ll take a look back in the Coast files to hear about Cape Breton’s connection to the Buddy Cop movies of the 80s. And expect to see a lot of new faces when you’re strolling around Downtown Sydney with some heavy cruise ship traffic at the port.













































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