Skeptically Speaking

Desiree SchellTuesday 11pm-12am

Skeptically Speaking guides its listeners through the sometimes complex, but always fascinating world of science and reason.

With humour, enthusiasm and a lot of curiosity, host Desiree Schell guides you through the fascinating world of science and critical thinking. We interview researchers, authors and experts to help listeners understand the evidence, arguments and science behind what’s in the news and on the shelves. A basic understanding of science, combined with a little bit of skepticism, goes a long way.

Desiree is constantly fascinated by how the world works, and can’t remember the last time she was bored. Not a scientist or academic of any variety, she simply believes in using curiosity and critical analysis to guide my life. Desiree uses Philip K. Dick’s words as a litmus test; “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

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