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Listener’s Choice Awards

You now have an opportunity to show your support for some of the finest Cape Breton entertainers, venues and events. Coastal Radio CKOA 89.7FM and its partners, are giving everyone the opportunity to vote on a cross section of Cape Breton entertainers, venues and events. This is the first year for this fun event and we hope to grow it each year to include additional genres, venues and cultural events.

Fans of Cape Breton music and events can vote no matter where they live by logging on (Link goes in Here) The first round of voting will take place from                           to                        .The top 5 in each category will advance to the second and final round and everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite finalist. The final round of voting will be from                          to                         . The top participates in the final round will be announced at a music event in the Fall.

Tell your family, friends and fellow music fans to take part in the fun and support the music and culture of Cape Breton.

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